Société Gazette

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Société Gazette launching April 29th. 

Curated & published by Albus Lumen.

Société Gazette a new biannual print project featuring a collection of curated works by renowned and emerging local and international artists, diverse in their medium, culture and vision. 


Over 50 artists submitted works responding to the theme "the new era of..." including Debra Philips, Sanné Mestrom, Jenna Lee, Joel Edgerton, Orazio D’Ella, Vicki Lee, Derek Henderson, Izabela Pluta, Amanda Shadforth, Morgan Pilcher, Luke Shadbolt, Bruno V. Roels, Victoria Hempstead, Akila Berjaoui, Chris Colls and Alexandra Agostan.


The works are presented across 60 double-sided foldout posters A1 in size, allowing for each work to be pulled out and viewed on its own, framed or tacked up as a poster making Société Gazette a collective piece of art in itself.

The Société Gazette will be available online at Albus Lumen, at newsagents across Australia from Wednesday 5th May, at selected bookstores and internationally.

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Proudly printed in Australia on FSC certified recycled newspaper.